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Door, handle, lock and hinge package offers

How to remove and replace a cylinder (barrel) lock

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A guide to replacing (a euro-profile) cylinder door lock

Euro cylinder lock keyholeEuro cylinder locks are widely used on  external  uPVC and wooden doors, also on conservatory  doors and

patio sliding doors.  They are used in most modern office doors as well where master key  systems are common.


Replacing a euro cylinder lock may be necessary because a set of keys have been lost or you have moved to a new property and want to be confident that there are no keys unaccounted for. In my particular case, I wanted to fit a lock with an internal 'thumb turn' knob for my 90 year old mother to save the family from worrying that she would leave the key in the lock inside so that nobody could unlock the door from outside.

Removing/refitting Euro-profile cylinder lock

Euro cylinder lock detailAlthough the section of euro cylinders are standard, the length of the cylinder and the offsets about the locating screw hole do vary, so it will probably be necessary to first remove the existing cylinder from the door to measure it, refit it while you purchase a replacement and then go through the removal/replacement procedure again - don't worry, it only requires removing one screw.

Euro Profile Cylinders

Double euro cylinders  (Key inside &  Key outside)    

Key & Turn euro cylinders  (Thumbturn inside & key outside)

These cylinder locks are used in PVC doors,patio doors, wooden external doors  (Munster Joinery doors)

Cylinder length

Type  (double )

Price Euro ( 3 keys)

Price of extra keys


(25+10+25 mm)




(25+10+35 mm)




(30+10+30 mm)




(35+10+35 mm)




(30+10+40 mm)




(35+10+40 mm)



90mm 45/45

(40+ 10+40 mm)




(35+10+45 mm)




(30+10+50 mm)




(40+10+45 mm)




(40+10+50 mm)




(35+10+55 mm)



110mm 45/65

(40+10+60 mm)



ASEC  Economy 
Range - Offset Euro Key+Turn 80-85mm 

Euro profile thumb-turn cylinder

 ASEC Economy 
Range-Offset Euro 65mm-90mm 

Double euro profile cylinder lock


Call 021 488 3131 For expert advice  Call-out and fitting service   available.

Below is a list of cylinder sizes and prices for double euro cylinders

(That is with key both sides)

Thumbturn cylinders cost 2 euro more on average.

We sell every possible size of cylinder, and many different specifications.  The cylinders priced  are 5 pin standard and 6 pin anti-bump and anti-snap cylinders at a special price of 39.99 euro, we are glad to quote you for these as well as keyed alike and master key cylinders which we provide to many offices, schools and colleges.

Key style euro cylinder lock

Key style euro profile cylinder lock

Thumb Turn knob euro cylinder lock

Thumb Turn knob euro profile cylinder lock

Ask us at  EM Hardware Supplies for assistance

We stock a large range of euro cylinders

(lock barrels as some call them)

key both sides or thumb-turn inside and  key outside

Reduce the number of keys in your pocket

By having all your external door cylinders keyed alike

Those who want to control the copying of keys can choose a restricted cylinder  (and keys can only be copied with authorisation)

With this type of cylinder installed, your key

cannot  be copied without your express permission

If your door is locked and you have lost or miss-placed your keys call us for  advice and or assistance in getting you door open.

Please scroll down for step by step advice on removing and replacing your  cylinder - (barrel 0 lock

 EM152100mm - 45/55 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM153100mm - 45/55 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM158100mm - 50/50 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM159100mm - 50/50 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99  euro

 EM154105mm - 45/60 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM155105mm - 45/60 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM156110mm - 45/65 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM157110mm - 45/65 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM12660mm - 30/30 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM12760mm - 30/30 PB (Visi) (new product)  39.99 euro

 EM12870mm - 35/35 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM12970mm - 35/35 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13075mm - 35/40 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13175mm - 35/40 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13280mm - 35/45 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13380mm - 35/45 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13880mm - 40/40 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13980mm - 40/40 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM15195mm - 45/50 PB (Visi) (new product)  39.99 euro


 EM15095mm - 45/50 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM14595mm - 40/55 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM14495mm - 40/55 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM14990mm - 45/45 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM14890mm - 45/45 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM14390mm - 40/50 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM14290mm - 40/50 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13790mm - 35/55 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13690mm - 35/55 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM14185mm - 40/45 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM14085mm - 40/45 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

 EM13585mm - 35/50 PB (Visi) (new product) 39.99  euro

 EM13485mm - 35/50 NP (Visi) (new product) 39.99 euro

New Anti snap anti drill, anti pick and anti bump cylinders

At an introductory offer price below.